Hands up if you think luxury cakes should be modern and bursting with personality!

Did you just put your hands up? I like you already :) 

Welcome to Good Cake Day.


If you love modern buttercream cakes and enjoy showing your loved ones how special they are to you, you my darling are in the right place.

If you don't, errr can I change your mind? 


 My name is Chinelo and I'm a self taught cake artist in London specialising in making you feel special one cake at a time. Well one cake, brownie, cake decorating class or cake tool at a time :)


I enjoy designing cakes to showcase the things that make you BLUSH. BLUSH is my nifty acronym for Beautiful, Loved, Unique, Special and Human and all my bespoke cakes are created using my BLUSH method of design. 

Beyond cakes, everything I do in my business is guided by a desire to make you feel special at every interaction you have with Good Cake Day. Whether that be at one of our cake decorating classes in London or when you receive a tin of our brownies delivered to you anywhere in the United Kingdom.

A big part of making you special is choosing the best ingredients, tools and materials to ensure every purchase from Good Cake Day is of excellent quality. I regularly read up on the science behind ingredients, so I truly understand the products I use. Our Good Cake Day branded products go through an extensive vetting process. I once notoriously turned back a third of my bevelled edge acrylic scrapers because they weren't perfect #noregrets.

You deserve the best and that's what I'll always aim for. 

Warm regards,

Chinelo x

Here's a video I shot with the good people of YouTube as part of their "Meet the Doers" Campaign. Yup! order your cakes now before I become a big shot celebrity baker 

0203 105 5854

Thank you Chinelo. Lots of guests want your number... Your cake made a hugely impressive impact. Thank you so much.