Artistic cakes designed to reflect your personality

BLUSH is our acronym for Beautiful, Loved, Unique, Special and Human. It's also our unique approach to cake design that allows us create cakes that are truly personal to the people who receive them. Here are some of our favourite BLUSH stories. 

BLUSH BRIEF: Birthday cake for a lover of the finer things in life, opulence, decadence and nature. We were told to be unafraid of going over the top and layer pink on pink with golds and anything shiny.


OUR DESIGN: Four shades of pink ruffles etched gold and layered using wafer paper to create a flamboyant statement. True to brief we added texture to the cake by creating golden apliques for the requested shiny effect. Hidden within the pink ruffles were edible sea shells as a nod to the celebrants love of nature. 

BLUSH BRIEF: Unisex birthday cake for twins. One likes green, the other likes purple. They'd recently lost their dad so it needed to be special.


OUR DESIGN: Textured design in both of their favourite colours. The textured effect represents the beautiful imperfection of life. The two hearts standing tall together represents the twins getting through their loss together. The general feel of the cake is one of solidarity in difference. 

BLUSH BRIEF: Wedding cake to reflect the rich Chinese heritage of the bride and the couple's love story and hopes for their marriage.


OUR DESIGN: Hand painted Chinese dragon and phoenix dancing together towards a full moon. In Feng Shui, they are considered to be the ultimate symbol of love and marital joy. The dragon is the 'yin' while phoenix is the 'yang', a perfect balance that is needed for a successful married life. In Chinese tradition, the full moon is a symbol of peace, prosperity, and family reunion. 

Price Guide

 All our cakes are uniquely designed to reflect your personality. As such, prices vary depending on finish, design, decoration and delivery and set up costs. Prices start from £135 for our celebration cakes and £375 for our wedding cakes. *Delivery not included

I've struggled to find someone who can properly customise an aesthetically "beautiful" cake, that also tastes good. Until I found Good Cake Day. It was honestly the best birthday cake I've ever had. I had requested a custom galaxy themed cake and Chinelo couldn't have done it any better. She nailed my vision of the cake, and kept me in the loop throughout the whole process; from conception, to design, to delivery- which is something quite rare to find. The level of details in the design of the cake is outstanding, and the cake's texture and flavours were delicious! It was a success. Everyone loved it, and I couldn't recommend anyone better!

Soraya Elias