Me vs the Wilton Yellow Cake Recipe

Remember my earlier post about my perfect Wilton yellow cake* and how awesome it was? Yeah, well what I left out was my very first attempt and the fact that it wasn’t all sunshine and butterflies.

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It all started with my signing up for the Wilton baking classes on Craftsy.  I thought I’d learn the basics of baking seeing as I plan to be a cake decorator extraordinaire. The recipe called for sifted “cake flour”. Now I live in the UK and flour comes generally in two forms – plain flour or self-raising flour. Both by the way are used for baking cake. As the good student that I am, I did my “research” (i.e. Googled cake flour UK) and it seemed the equivalent of cake flour in the UK was plain flour. Armed with my new-found knowledge, I followed the recipe to a T and it was all going well until I brought my cake out of the oven.

How I felt when I saw my cake 😦 lopsided cakes are not in season folks!!!

Let’s just say that cake flour IS NOT plain flour and that over mixing your batter is NEVER a good idea. I ended up with a dense albeit sweet tasting rock of a cake, which my very kind friends indulged me by eating – I believe some took slices home (with friends like mine who needs friends???). Being ambitious it was also my first attempt at decorating a cake (well second attempt) and whilst Picasso may not be intrigued, the above mentioned friends oohed and aahed at all the appropriate places (I know. I know. They’re the best). Alas my loss was still a victory!

First Wilton Yellow Cake 🙂

Whilst we’re on the subject of UK vs US recipes, can someone please create a translator App??? I am way too tired of having to guesstimate and research what US ingredients are in the UK. Or better yet, why don’t bakers adopt a universal language? *sigh* – random moan out of the way!

Before I go, here’s a quote that summarises the crux of baking (as well as the need for a baking translator app) nicely:

“If you’re trying to create a company, it’s like baking a cake. You have to have all the ingredients in the right proportion.” Elon Musk

Until Next time, Have a Good Cake Day!!!


* In case you were wondering and were somehow deceived by the picture of my yellow cake into thinking that a yellow cake is a cake decorated with yellow icing (it isn’t by the way) The Texan New Yorker explains what it is beautifully with how to’s and the full monty. In a nutshell, a yellow cake uses whole eggs and derives its yellow colour from egg yolks. Conversely a white cake uses egg whites and has a white colour. Here in the UK I believe both cakes would be called sponge cakes. Alas the need for a universal baking language becomes apparent yet again – I rest my case!!!

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