My Banana bread woes!!!

Ever had one of those moments when you thought you could change the world with a new cake recipe? Yeah, neither have I but I have thought I could make the next big thing in banana bread world (you may call a banana bread a banana cake depending on where you live or your personal views really).

You’d be surprised to know that few banana bread recipes use self-raising flour. But I’m as stubborn as I am ambitious so I stuck to my guns and did a bit of a recipe cocktail from different sources to make my first banana bread. O yes did I fail to mention that I also wanted my recipe to include nuts and rum? Well I did and boy o boy was the first cake something. I mixed my batter with a dash of rum and forgot to add the nuts (face palms). Not to worry, the improv master that I am sprinkled loads of whole nuts on top of the mixture (please note, it was already in the tin at this point – don’t judge me, I’m convinced I’ve seen this done somewhere before). Let’s just say this was NOT a good idea. The top was crusty and split in so many different uncool ways and my nuts were how do I put this nicely… ahh yes, roasted!. Now that I write that, I’m thinking I can work with that. hmmm… Anyway, I cut of the damaged top and tried the bottom half. Surprise, surprise it wasn’t half bad. Slightly dry but still fluffy and bananaey. So I did what any sensible person would do in this situation. I took my cake to work for my colleagues to try out. The verdict? Nice cake but no rum! What??? the whole point was to make a rum and nuts banana bread and they all concluded that they couldn’t taste any rum. For the record, I could!

Banana bread, Take 2 – I think you’re rummy!!!

Well, if at first you don’t succeed, get your tins out and bake again. I attempted my recipe again some weeks later. This time I remembered to mix the nuts in with the batter (let the record show that I learn from my mistakes) and I put wayyyy more rum than the last time. I still think the cake was a bit dry (*sigh*) but I submitted it again to the panel of friends and colleagues for their verdict. You won’t believe the verdict!! Nutty, fluffy, bananaey but No rum!!!!! What??? You just can’t win with some people lol.

Until next time… Have a good cake day!!!


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