Stacked Fondant Birthday Cake – The battle continues

I realised today that  I’ve forgotten (so quickly as well) why I started this blog. Somewhere along the line I got caught up in the cycle of seeking likes and follows by misrepresenting myself as a perfect cake decorator (which I’m not) thus forgetting to enjoy the learning process. So this is me going back to basics. My blog is about documenting (and enjoying) my cake decorating journey which means it won’t always be pretty. But hey… life isn’t always pretty so… 🙂

The finished product 🙂

What does this have to do with a stacked fondant birthday cake you may be asking? Everything! I almost didn’t post the pictures of this cake because.. well it’s not perfect you see and it really didn’t turn out as expected or hoped. The top tier was a bit lopsided and once again I had cracks in my fondant. Now usually I would focus on all the things that went wrong….

Now THIS is a burnt cake.. don’t worry I didn’t add it to the finished product… lol

but I’m learning to see the bright side of things (bear with me I’m a work in progress) so here are a few things that went really well 🙂

  1. My bottom tier was really good (see that silver shimmer effect…. gorgeous) – My friend Miss G deserves all the credit for painting the cake and I think she did an epic job

  2. I learnt that my fondant needs to be a certain thickness to avoid tears hence the sturdy bottom for my cake 😉

  3. I learnt to be careful with ready rolled fondant. Note to self the fact that it says it can cover an 8 inch cake doesn’t mean it will cover my 8×5 cake. Read the dimensions people. Read the dimensions.

  4. Unlike my first attempt at a three tiered cake (read the story here), this one didn’t fall. It lasted the whole journey!!! Result!!!!

  5. The flower placement (not edible by the way) is pretty decent

  6. I probably shouldn’t cover the cake with fondant immediately after covering with buttercream.. or should I? The jury’s still out on this one guys

  7. It was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First attempt – ahhh just stick the flowers on the side why dontcha

It’s all about the details init????

So with a new zeal for my perfectly imperfect creations, I implore (yes I am imploring here) to tell me about your cake journey. What’s been your biggest challenge? Have you had any major disasters (like my burnt cake lol)?

Until next time… have  a Good Cake Day!!!


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