Stuck for what to do when Summer is far away??? Make spring treats!!!

It’s officially Summer in the UK. How do I know this? Definitely not because of what the weather or his accomplice the weather man/woman has been saying lately. Oh no!!! I know it is Summer because I had to move the time on my clocks/watch forward (yes, I lost an hour of sleep and wasn’t rewarded with relentless sunshine – allow me a moan or two).

Ooh Oooh look at me I’m a butterfly on a fruit cake slice. What is this divine yellow sugary contraption beneath me???

So with all this Summer celebration, people generally want and need more cake. If however, you are like me and are without sun I grant you the permission (not like you need it) to make Spring cakes. What are those you ask? Spring cakes are the heavenly delicacies that beckon the sun out with their light fruity flavours and vivid shades of colour akin to nature waking up in springtime (especially yellow – and no this has nothing to do with the fact that yellow is my favourite colour).

Fruit cake using sandwich tin. Decorated with yellow buttercream and mini eggs

For my Spring time treat, I tried the … fruit cake recipe  (recipe can be found here). As it was my first time making a fruit cake I really liked this one because it is a bit of a cross between a fruit cake and a sponge cake making it light but still fruity and the sherry gives it a nice kick – exactly what you need for Spring/Summer. Also, the recipe called for an 8 inch pan but I used a tray bake and a sandwich tin for the remaining batter as I wanted to present the cake already sliced. Apart from that slight variation, I followed it to a T and I think it turned out pretty well 🙂

Until next time… Have a good cake day!!!