The Chronicles of Nel’s cupcakes

I am excited to announce that I have been featured as a guest blogger on the amazing blog “Love the Little Bakery”. Hananh’s blog is amazing and I’m sure there’s a treat on her blog you’d love to try. Check out her blog at and my post below 🙂 Until next time… have a good cake day! XOXO

LOVE the little bakery

I am so excited to announce Chinelo from Good Cake Day is our first guest blogger on LOVE the little bakery! Eek! Her blog is brilliant and she uses it to document her cake decorating journey. There is no doubt she will one day become the cake decorator extraordinaire she wants to be, and I look forward to following her journey. I hope you do too!

Cupcakes are awesome! They’re usually a few bite sizes big (yup that’s less guilt people, can I get an Amen???) and the decorating possibilities are endless. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before I tried my hand at making a batch. Here’s my story…


I used the remaining yellow cake batter from a cake I was making and baked the cupcakes with the main cake in my small oven (if you’ve read my earlier posts about stuffing my oven you can already…

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