To Fondant or not To Fondant? That is the question

Meet the enemy – fondant!!!

I am terrified of fondant. Honestly! You won’t believe how long I have put off decorating with fondant. I have all the equipment and errthang (sorry don’t know what that last word is about but I’ll leave it in any way). You know how you psych yourself by buying loads of nice workout gear when you need motivation to workout? That’s exactly what I’ve done with fondant. I mean I went as far as buying an art board to place over my cooker to create a large and sturdy work surface in my kitchen. In spite of this, I am yet to take my ready to roll fondant out of its packet and mould it into wonderful creations. If you are thinking I’m terrified because I’ve had no lessons on how to use fondant, you’re wrong. I’ve spent at least 3 hours of my life on fondant classes. I even loved plasticine as a child. Yet, here we are. In fact writing this, I can’t fully articulate my procrastination.

I think it has to do with the longggggg process involved. All that base coating and smoothing and quite frankly, the fact that I don’t actually like the taste or texture of fondant. I remember disliking it as a younger child (I’m still my mummy’s child, just older 😉 ) and I still do. In my opinion, buttercream is simply more delicious. I don’t feel sick after having butter cream (probably because I scrape most of it off, but that’s not the point). I like the fluffiness and lightness of buttercream. I like the application process. I even like the fact that the perfecting process requires a lot of smoothing – what can I say, it’s therapeutic.

So I suppose the fact of the matter is that I am NOT terrified of fondant. I just dislike it. That said, I grudgingly admit that fondant is more versatile and you truly can make amazing creations with it. So the question remains. To Fondant or not to Fondant???

Until next time… have a good cake day!