My my my! We’re excited about this one. To give you the taste explosion that is Berry Bea, we’ve combined 54% dark chocolate and our secret blend of cocoa powder with whipped cream cheese and fresh raspberries to create what can only be described as chocolate heaven on a plate. The refreshingly tangy taste of cream cheese and raspberries give way to the rich deep dark chocolate notes that will make having just one slice a real struggle. Also, it’s got fruit so surely it counts as one of your 5 a day 🤪 

Berry Bea

  • Your Splashy Bea Brownies will keep fresh in their tin for 3-5 days from delivery although I doubt you'll be able to stay away that long. They've been known to finish in seconds! 


    If you have mega self control and want them to last longer, place them in a freezer bag on arrival and store in the freezer. It will last a whopping 2 months! 


    The tin doubles up as a handy storage box for your lovely items!