We’re so excited you’re interested in our upcoming Yellow Poppies Three Tiers Wedding Cake Masterclass on 23 November 2019 and hope you decide to join us. Keep reading to see the brilliant day we have planned for you.

It's almost wedding fair season so we'll teach you to create a modern and trendy three tier yellow poppy wedding cake that incorporate the following techniques:

• Covering your cake dummies in Royal Icing 
• Creating individual large yellow poppies
• Painting and adding texture to your poppies so they appear realistic
• Arranging your flowers on your cake to achieve a chic and modern look  

• Creating edible paint 
• Hand painting elongated poppy stems on your cake 
• Assembling your flowers on your cake to achieve a stunning effect


This beginner friendly class is for you if at least one of the following applies to you:


  • You want to learn to work with wafer paper
  • You want to learn to make wafer paper flowers
  • You want an introduction to drawing and painting on a cake (ours will be covered with royal icing but the techniques you learn can be used on buttercream and fondant)
  • You want to learn to arrange flowers on a cake
  • You want to learn to work with cake dummies
  • You want a long lasting show stopper you can take to fairs or show customers as evidence of your skills
  • You want to learn a new hobby
  • You want to meet with and network with like minded people
  • You want to learn new skills to help you transition from a hobby baker to professional baker


We’ll be working on dummy cakes this time to maximise the amount of time we spend making flowers. However, you will prepare your dummies with royal icing which is brilliant practice for wedding fairs or building a portfolio you can share with prospective customers.


We're so excited about this class that we're offering an EARLY BIRD saving of £50 for the first 6 people to book this class 🐦 It really isn’t one to miss!

Bubbles Two Tier Buttercream Class - July

£380.00 Regular Price
£330.00Sale Price
  • 23 November 2019