Make way (or room in your belly) for Boujee Bea!!! Bea means bringer of joy and It's time to indulge your chocolate senses with the joy that is my new tin of handcrafted brownies.


Boujee is a hip-hop slang for something luxurious in lifestyle yet humble in character and Boujee Bea is as boujee as they come. Simple ingredients with stunning results and they're GLUTEN FREE! Each batch of brownies is made using premium chocolate, French butter and black cocoa powder. As if the smoked chocolate vibe from the black cocoa powder wasn't enough, I've added generous helpings of chopped white and milk chocolate to each batch (drool). Trust me, this is chocolate elixir in a tin! You haven't had brownies these good. Ever!


To keep things interesting (I try), they're available in tins of 6 or 12 square brownies. You can also ask me to cut them into 12 or 24 triangles. 


I'm sure you'll love them! I hear they're nicer than the classic Boujee Bea and that's saying something. 


Gluten Free Boujee Bea Brownies

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  • Your Brownies will keep fresh in their tin for 3-5 days from delivery although I doubt you'll be able to stay away that long. They've been known to finish in seconds! 


    If you have mega self control and want them to last longer, place them in a freezer bag on arrival and store in the freezer. It will last a whopping 2 months! 


    The tin doubles up as a handy storage box for your lovely items!