A stylish box filled with 15 brownies from our delectable Christmas collection. You will receive 5 each of the 3 Christmas flavours. Simply choose whether you want nuts included or a nut free collection. 


Feast your eyes on our Christmas collection: 


COSY BEA BROWNIES - Our signature dark chocolate brownie with toasted pumpkin spice pecans and walnuts tossed in our handmade pumpkin spice caramel sauce.


YULETIDE BEA BROWNIES - Dark chocolate mint brownie with white chocolate chunks and a white chocolate drizzle


OROMA BEA - Dark chocolate brownie with Valentian oranfe and chocolate orange minis.


RUDOLF'S BEA - Dark chocolate brownie with cranberries and a white chocolate drizzle


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  • Your Brownies will keep fresh in their tin for 10 days from delivery although I doubt you'll be able to stay away that long. They've been known to finish in seconds! 


    If you have mega self control and want them to last longer, place them in a freezer bag on arrival and store in the freezer. It will last a whopping 2 months! 


    The tin doubles up as a handy storage box for your lovely items! 


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