Cakes in Paris!!!

Photo by Safi of Safisticat

I’ve had the most exciting weekend/start to my week!!! A friend ordered a birthday cake for her partner’s mum. Now any cake order is cause for excitement in my books but this one took things a step further. She would be taking the cake to Paris!!! Yes Paris!!! I love that city (in case you were wondering) 🙂 My emotions at this point = excitement, anxiety (what if they didn’t like it), excitement, reluctance (could I deliver a classy enough cake???), excitement… you get the gist.

—Photo by Safi of Safisticat

Regardless of the random doubts in my head, I accepted the challenge. I also threw in a few cupcakes because what’s a birthday without cupcakes???

Post weekend celebrations, I am pleased to say it went swankily well (yes I made up that word –  don’t judge me) 😉  In my friend’s words the cake tasted like angels playing on clouds. Such high praise from a very classy lady who knows her cake. I strongly recommend that you check out her blog at Safisticat.

—Photo by Safi of Safisticat

Enjoy the remaining photos 🙂

Photo by Safi of Safisticat

Pre departure to Paris

Photo by Safi of Safisticat

Photo by Safisticat

There you have it folks… Me thinks I can now call myself an international baker. Watchu reckon??? Have your cakes been anywhere exciting? What’s your most exciting bake? I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time… Have a good cake day!!!


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