About Us

Hi there! My name is Chinelo and I'm the founder of Good Cake Day. Welcome! 


Chinelo Awa Good Cake Day Founder
At Good Cake Day, we believe everyone is special and deserves to feel BLUSH. BLUSH stands for beautiful, loved, unique, special and human. We create modern buttercream cakes, luxuriously indulgent brownies, cookies and cupcakes to help you feel BLUSH. We call this our BLUSH manifesto and it influences everything we do. From the manner in which calls are answered to our packaging choices, every interaction with our customers is measured against our BLUSH manifesto.
But what does this mean in practice?
Blue buttercream birthday cake with white lace and gold rice paper sails


Beautiful - We create showstopping baked goods for our beautiful customers. Whether you choose one of our signature designs or opt for something bespoke, you will receive a cake, brownie, cookie or Coorownie that’s been designed to showcase how beautiful you are.

black buttercream dome cakes with a peach sugar flower and dried flowers


Loved -  They say love is the greatest gift of all. We agree! We are in the business of creating lovingly handmade luxury baked goods to help our customers celebrate themselves and their loved ones. But this doesn’t happen at the expense of the planet. Sustainability is at the heart of our business. All our packaging is either made from recyclable materials, recyclable or both. Our brownies are presented in tins that double as storage or baking tins and are accompanied with a recipe card for a cake that fits them perfectly. We are also big advocates of self care so our thank you and recipe cards double as adult colouring cards for when you need some time alone to relax and let your creative juices run free.

Dark chocolate brownies with Easter eggs and sweet popcorn


Unique - All our customers are beautifully unique and this inspires us to create some of the most unique cakes and bakes you’ll find. From our best selling Esmerelda cake to our gilded brownies, which have been voted the best brownies for a glamorous gift by BBC Good Food, you’ll be hard pressed to find designs more unique than ours.


Valentine's Day Puzzle Heart Cookies

Special - Our customers are special, so we take special care to choose the best ingredients and materials. When you order from Good Cake Day, you can be confident that quality ingredients such as organic and fair trade extracts, free range eggs and butter with at least 80% fat content has been used. We also take food safety very seriously and everyone who works in our kitchen has an up to date, Food Safety Level 2 certificate. We also hold a 5 star kitchen hygiene certificate from the Food Standards Agency.


Vanilla cake sponges

Human - Fewer words sum up what it means to be human like connection. Our goal is to help our customers connect to their loved ones in a personal and thoughtful way. All orders come with a complimentary handwritten note in a wax sealed gold lined envelope. We call this a BLUSH card. We’ve received feedback from our customers that their loved ones felt special and like royalty when they read their personalised BLUSH cards.


BLUSH card