Chocolate Cake with Oreos Buttercream

If you’re on Instagram you may have noticed a current trend ( I say “current” but knowing me the trend is probably on it’s way out having been running for a while) of topping cakes with chocolates or cookies. As a budding cake decorator, I’ve had my heart set on joining the bandwagon so imagine my delight when a friend asked for a chocolate cake for her beau. Even better, she gave me creative licence with the design. Bliss! Without much hesitation I decided this was the time to try out the Oreo cake.

I give you Mr Oreo 😉

Armed with more Oreos than I needed to top a 6 inch cake, I decided to incorporate the remaining cookies into the buttercream. I’d read somewhere that this was a brilliant idea and I can testify to the fact. It is amazing!!! If you want to try out the Oreos buttercream, you may want to bear the following in mind:

Enjoy the remaining photos!

In the beginning there was just buttercream 🙂

This literally made my day!

I feel I should have some snappy tagline but I don’t… lol

Seriously need to work on my writing skills but me thinks it’s getting better 😉

Have you tried out any new baking trends? How did they turn out?

Until next time have a good cake day!


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