Eggs? Eggs?? What Eggs???

Let me tell you about the eggless cake I made recently! What an experience! Honestly we battled and battled and battled before I finally tasted a whiff of victory. Yes it took three attempts to get a cake together. And that’s not the best part. Oh no! The best part is that after three attempts at making an eggless birthday cake with only a few hours left (by few I mean an hour and a half) till pick up time I decided to use the very first cake I’d made. Arghh. My first consolation was that I used a layer from the third cake to finish up my four tier cake.

Look at the smug look on its face as it mocks me *sigh*

As Far as the recipe goes, I used this Canadian recipe which calls for the use of cups which as a baker in the UK posed its own problems but I ploughed through. I mean seriously is a UK cup the same as an American cup and are they both the same as a Canadian Cup???? Needless to say, my cake did NOT look like the picture she (I’m making assumptions here) has on display.

First attempt.. you can see why this was the chosen one. Don’t be fooled… the insides were a challenge lol

Ironically, I used 2 cups instead of 21/2 in the first batch which ended up being the best one. The recipe doesn’t tell you the order to mix the liquid ingredients so the first time I melted the butter and mixed that first with the dry ingredients.  This resulted in a clumpy situation but I persevered and mixed in the milk, vinegar, vanilla and water last. By the time I put in the water it looked a lot like “normal” cake batter ( I realise that to someone who only bakes eggless cakes, my normal would be rather abnormal to them).

See what I mean?

For the second batter I put the water before the butter and followed a similar pattern as above. I don’t know what happened here but the cake came out brown on the inside and the actual batter was more clumpy than the first one.

Dramatic I know… but you see what I mean about the browning.

For the final batch I called in the reinforcements (i.e. my stand mixer with a whisk attachment) and I did milk first and butter last. It was all good till I added the butter and then it got a bit clumpy. So me thinks the fact that I was mixing my butter shortly after melting it was probably messing with the temperature of the batter hence the clumps. I should probably let it cool down to room temperature next time.

The final one.. still brown (or is that golden brown???) but a better texture me thinks 🙂

I suppose the question now is whether I’ll try again and the answer is hells to the yea!!! So now I need your help. Have you made an eggless cake??? Pleaseeeee what’s your recipe? how do you mix the ingredients?? What am I doing wrong?????????????????? Is this brown look normal???? and someone… anyone.. please help me with these US/UK conversions. It’s a necessity!!!

My second consolation was that the person who requested the cake said it went down a treat and I’m choosing to believe him 😉

Loving my shell border.. finally plucked up the courage to do it 🙂

Until next time… have a good cake day!!!


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