For the Love of Baking

It’s all happening folks! I’m pleased to present the first post in baker stories. The idea behind this section is to learn from and celebrate bakers of every skill level:)

This week, I have the honour of featuring the lovely Hannah of Love the Little Bakery.


Name: Hannah

Occupation: PA

What do you do for fun: baking (Obviously), I love going to the gym (to burn off the calories of baking) and I love to paint as well.

What do you bake:  I bake all sorts really, from cakes to cupcakes, from bread to pastries. My favourite type of baking is anything cake related though, I have the most fun working on cake designs, decorating and working with fondant. 

Why did you become a bakeer: I baked a lot when I was a kid and it’s always been a real passion of mine. I find there is nothing better than after a stressful day just coming home and loosing yourself in baking, trying new recipes and experimenting with different ingredients

Favourite places to shop for baking goods: Lakelands, without a doubt. They have all you need under one roof which is fantastic, and they have such a wide range of products available online. I do have a local bakery/cake supply shop in my town which I do use from time to time, especially for things like fondant and decorating supplies. I think it’s important to support local businesses.

how cool is this roller disco cake???

Best thing to bake: I love making occasion cakes, they are always the best fun for me as it allows me to be creative. I’ve had some really fun cakes to make this year, including a roller disco cake, as well as a cake for an 80th and I finally got to try an ombre cake. It’s always a nice feeling as well seeing the reaction when they open the box, or hearing about it. It makes you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. I love that part of baking 🙂

Biggest challenge to successful baking is: Patience – Always take your time and plan your bake around your day to make sure you have enough time.

What you like your cakes to be known for: Always being creatively decorated, have a great taste and be known for using local and fresh ingredients.

What’s your favourite cake, pastry, bread etc. (delete as appropriate) to bake: When I’m not baking cakes, I definitely love to make biscuits and cookies. Who doesn’t love a few of those to keep you going through the week!

One baking item you can’t live without: my KitcheAid!

I loveeeeeee this ombre cake 🙂

My my my those cakes are gorge Hannah!!! and yes patience is definitely a virtue in a baker’s kitchen:) Thanks again for participating in this month’s Baker Stories.

Well there you have it folks! The lovely Hannah! Show her some love on her blog. Why did YOU start baking? Do you have a favourite kitchen gadget? Have you tried an ombre cake??? They’re all the trend now I hear. I love to hear from you and if you bake and would like to be featured on the next baker stories hit me up at

Until next time… have a good cake day!!!


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