Meet Iris!!!

Hello folks! I’d like to introduce you to Iris 🙂 She’s light, delicious and oh so colourful and might I add that she was a delight to create.


I’m baking a rainbow cake for a friend in a few weeks and I thought it would be a good idea to make sure the food colouring I have could create deep colours when mixed with cake batter. Naturally a test run with cupcakes seemed like the logical thing to do (especially as I had a cook out coming up). How fun!!!

To create Iris, I used Wilton’s Golden Yellow Cake recipe but any standard sponge cake recipe should do the trick. Of course if you have a favourite cupcake recipe, you can use that too (just make sure it’s got a neutral colour that can easily be dyed i.e. not chocolate or red velvet).

After mixing the batter I divided the batter into four bowls and coloured the batter in three of the four bowls orange, blue and purple respectively. I left the last one neutral as I figured it would come out with a yellow tint.


Next I put a teaspoon (although I think putting less than that would work better to avoid domed cupcakes) of each colour in each cupcake case and baked as usual for 15 minutes.

Et Voila! Iris was born!

A bite from Iris… what a treat 🙂

In terms of decorating, my friend Miss B suggested doing something that didn’t draw attention away from Iris’ colourful features. Or worse, completely cover it.

It’s cupcake colour mania!!!

On that advice I went for a cute gnome hat effect with buttercream coloured yellow and alternated between sugar pearls and rose picks.

My merry little Iris gnomes

Oh and before I forget, Iris may be beautiful but do take care when taking her out of the oven to avoid a blister like the one I got 😦


That’s all folks!! Have you made colourful cupcakes before? Or I suppose marble cakes? What’s your best bit? Any suggestions, tips, methods?? I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time… Have a good cake day!!!


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