O you cake pops… Why have you caused my brain to pop so???

I’m creating the desert table for a birthday party that is coming up very quickly (when I say quickly I mean next weekend). Remember how I said I was ambitious? Well that can come with serious ramifications when coupled with the fact that I have a hugggeeeeee imagination and can get a bit carried away with designs.

I’ve proposed to make cake pops as part of said desert table. That’s fairly understandable right? They’re all the rage now and what not. Only prolem is I’d never made cake pops at the time of said proposal:O Yes, you read right. NEVER. MADE. CAKE POPS. O dear!!! Well here I was. Order placed and no past experience. How hard could it be???

First attempt 😦 Let’s just say nothing’s popping over here – O dear!

Armed with the cake pop baking tray I bought in the States (yes, I’m international like that), I put my lovely batter into the first half of the cavities. I then sealed the tray with the second half and inserted the cake pop sticks in the holes. If you’ve ever used these bad boys you already know my mistake. But before I let everyone in on the obvious mistake, I have a second disclosure.  For reasons best known to my imaginative mind, I didn’t grease the tray before putting the batter in the cavities. Turns out that’s not a good idea. The cake pops stuck to the tray and it took me the best part of a week to soak the tray well enough to get all the cake out. To make matters even better, I later found out that the holes in the tray are not for the cake pop sticks but to allow excess batter ooze out. duhhh (face palms). This is why you read instructions before and not after the fact.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you 3/4 baked pops (face palms)

I’d like to propagate the belief in man’s ability to go from novice to pro in one day but alas, my story doesn’t reflect that. My second attempt was somewhat better but not exactly a success story either. This time I greased the tray and didn’t insert the sticks in the holes. I also found a small cute mould by Jane Asher in my local pound shop (everything £1 or less. bliss) so I bought a couple. In case you’re wondering I greased these too. However, I thought I’d kill four birds with one stone and I put batter in an 8 inch tin as well. So that’s four items in my small oven. When will I learn?

This time I had a few salvageable cake pops mostly from the small moulds. Because I had so much in my oven the batter in the cake pop tray didn’t fully set so I only had two fully set (I use the word “fully set” loosely) pops.

The few faithful ones 🙂

Alas, the tally after both attempts is “Cake pops – 2, Chinelo – 0”. Not to worry, I’ll get it right next time. I hope 🙂

Until next time… have a good cake day!!!


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