Rainbow birthday cake.. With a helping of butterflies

Naked rainbow

I’m soooooooo excited. I’ve been working on and writing about this project for three weeks. Finally, I get to show you the finished product. I honestly don’t even want to write on it.  I just want to show you loads of pictures. So here goes.. (I’ll write a bit lol).

Flight of the butterflies

View from the top

View from the side

I just happen to like this shot

Rainbow 🙂

We’d really gotten stuck at this point

Naked rainbow

On her throne 🙂

Finally.. the birthday girl and her cake. I think she was pleased 🙂

Phew!! That was a lot of photos so how did I make the cake???

Step 1

I made Wilton’s basic yellow cake to make the batter, divided it into four equal parts (the entire cake with cupcakes required 2 cake batters), coloured accordingly and baked.

Step 2

I used whipped double cream as my filling for each layer

Step 3

I made Wilton’s vanilla buttercream and used to decorate the cake.  Using Wilton’s tip 12 I made round blobs for the top and bottom edges (I still haven’t gotten the hang of super straight edges so it’s all about borders yo!)

Step 4

I arranged my butterflies around the cake to give the effect that they were flying to the top of the cake. For details of how I made the butterflies please check out this post.

Et Voila!!!

I know! I know! Not very detailed but I’m toooo excited and I really wanted you to see the photos ASAP (don’t judge me 🙂 )

Until next time… Have a Good Cake Day!!!


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