We are all BLUSH... but first, what does BLUSH mean?

Hi lovely, 

When I started Good Cake Day, I started it on my knees in prayer. I knew that I wanted to create a company that would do more than make profit. Because whilst profit is important, my Christian faith has taught me that I am here to impact the world around me for good so with Isaiah 61:1-3 as my guide, I started Good Cake Day.


The what was clear. Cakes. The how was clear. Online & at markets. The impact? That has been the real journey. I started with giving free cakes to orphans in Nigeria. Being adopted myself, this was important. Next, I partnered with a UK organisation called Free Cakes for Kids (Camden) to provide free birthday cakes to families who can’t afford to provide a birthday cake for their children. Despite both initiatives, I wasn't convinced I'd quite found the best way to make an impact with the cakes I make.


Finally after two years of soul searching and being disheartened by my ever elusive USP (aka how will Good Cake Day impact the world around her), the answer came in a conversation with a friend and recipient of a Good Cake Day cake.

She told me her cake made her feel special and loved. She loved having a gluten free cake delivered to her that was decorated in a way that was unique to her and  tailored to her personality. She said she felt blessed by the cake. She was seen. She was known. She was loved. In other words, the fact that she is beautiful, loved, unique, special and human (BLUSH) was showcased and celebrated in the cake she received from me.



It only takes one idea to spark creativity


This was my lightbulb moment! 

This conversation became the foundation of my how. Since then, my mission has been to impact the world around me with my cakes by helping people feel Beautiful, Loved, Unique, Special and Human whenever they interact with Good Cake Day. From first contact till well after the plates have been cleared, I want people to feel special because, truthfully, I believe you are. 

Until next time,

Chinelo xoxo

P.S. If you would like a bespoke cake for yourself or loved one that will showcase how special you are or they are, get in touch with me HERE, I'd love to help. 

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