How to Make your Cake Business Compliant with Natasha's Law

How to Make your Cake Business Compliant with Natasha's Law

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The UK Food Information Amendment, also known as Natasha's Law, came into effect in October 2021 and requires all food businesses including home-based custom cake businesses to provide full ingredient lists and allergen labelling on foods prepackaged for direct sale on the premises. The legislation was introduced to protect allergy sufferers and give them confidence in the food they buy.

If you are a UK food business in the UK, it is a legal requirement to comply with all relevant food legislation. If you are unaware of how Natasha's Law applies to you as a custom cake business, this is the course for you. 

Here's what you will learn on this course: 
  1. What Natasha's Law is
  2. What pre-packed for direct sale means 
  3. How to label your cakes if you sell your cakes online to a customer
  4. How to label your cakes if you sell your cakes in-person to a customer 
  5. How to label your cakes if you sell them to another business 
  6. What allergen information to include with your cakes 
  7. The consequences of not complying with Natasha's Law
  8. Who to contact if you have questions about Natasha's Law 

You will also receive comprehensive written material with labelling templates.  

Please note that this course does not in any way constitute legal advice. Please contact a lawyer for any legal questions and for legal advice. 

Please note, you will receive an email granting you lifetime access to this course on 20 December 2021. 
If you have any questions, please email me at