Ifeoma Acrylic Cake Scraper
Ifeoma Acrylic Cake Scraper
Ifeoma Acrylic Cake Scraper
Ifeoma Acrylic Cake Scraper

Ifeoma Acrylic Cake Scraper

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Meet our acrylic scraper "Ifeoma", pronounced EE-FAW-MAH.

Meaning: Beautiful; Good thing

Name origin: Igbo tribe, Nigeria

At a whopping height of 9 inches, she's perfect for achieving sharp edges and smooth sides on tall cakes covered with buttercream, ganache and another soft frosting.

 She's made from a 5mm thick & scratch resistant acrylic sheet making her a sturdy long-lasting cake companion that won't bend to the whims of a cake.

There are no secrets with her. She's transparent so you will always have a clear view of your cake decorating progress as you go along. Her smooth diamond polished bevelled edge means less pressure on cakes and greater precision when smoothing cakes aka AMAZING RESULTS!

True to her name, she's a good thing, helping you achieve beautiful results.

What's in a pack?

  • One Ifeoma Acrylic Cake Scraper
  • One Cardboard packaging with vital information and 5% discount code to classes with GCD Academy
  • One black velvet keep-safe pouch

How to use Ifeoma

Gently hold Ifeoma against your cake with your dominant hand at a 35 degrees angle. Hold your turntable with your other hand (four fingers under the tabletop and your thumb on top). Try not to move Ifeoma along with your cake, instead use your other hand to spin the turntable towards her.

This will take practice, but the results are worth it and she's here for the ride

How to wash Ifeoma

She loves to be hand washed in warm soapy water with a soft sponge. Rinse her thoroughly after washing and dry her with a clean tea

towel. Please don't put her in a dishwasher or use an iron sponge on her.

Softly, softly does it.

How to store Ifeoma

Ifeoma comes with her very own velvet keep-safe pouch. After you've washed her, allow her to dry thoroughly or dry her with a tea towel then place her in her keep-safe pouch and keep her in a cool and dry place.